Keep Halloween fun by staying safe

Tips for a safe and fun Halloween night

Halloween is a night of fun and games, candy and costumes.

The BC Children’s Hospital, Island Health and the Campbell River Fire Department don’t want safety concerns to ruin the good times.


Stay Together

Always ensure your children are accompanied by older companions or adults.

If you’re walking at night, hold young ones’ hands and keep them safe from obstacles like uneven surfaces or stairs and more boisterous trick-or-treaters.

If you have older children, know where they will be trick-or-treating and ensure they have a charged mobile with them and tell them to make like ET and phone home in case of an emergency.


Keep It Bright

Dress your children in bright costumes and use reflective tape, buttons and lights.

When your child is wearing bright colours and reflective items, it is easier for drivers to see them on curbs and when they are crossing the streets.

Also, remember to carry a flashlight with charged batteries inside.

If you plan to decorate your property, remember to keep it well lit and use non-flammable light sources.


See Hazards

Masks, hats or costumes with complex accessories can make it difficult for children to see cars and other hazards.

Consider using face paint to ensure your child can see clearly.

Make sure your princess has a gown that is the right length to avoid falls and that your prince’s crown is secured so as not to tumble, causing him to stumble.

Remind your kids to look for hazards.

There are still vehicles on the road on Halloween night.


Stay On The Path

Follow the yellow brick road – or make up your own version of Harry Potter’s Marauder’s Map to keep everyone to a known route. If you trick-or-treat with children, go down one side of the road, then cross at an identified or safe crossing area and go down the other side. Let someone at home know the route you plan to take. By keeping on the path, you can keep safe while taking part in all the fun.


Check All Treats

Make sure you check all treats before they are eaten. Look for unsealed or broken wrappers, unwrapped candies and review all home packaged candy. If in doubt, throw it out.


For Drivers

Be aware there will be an increase in children on the streets and sidewalks on Halloween night so slow down, drive safely and, as always, do not drink and drive.

There may be little ghosts, goblins, princes and princesses out, so please be extra cautious when entering and exiting driveways and alleys.



If you don’t have a Consumer Fireworks Permit, don’t light any fireworks. If you do have a permit, choose an appropriate location that maximizes safety, follow the instructions provided with your fireworks, do not use fireworks that have been modified after market and dispose of the packaging and discharged fireworks in a safe matter. No. 2 Fire Hall will be putting on a show at 8 p.m. for the public.