The City of Campbell River is urging residents to take along a bucket when they go to the beach for a beach fire so they will be able to transport water to extinguish the fire when they’re done. Photo by Island Life Photographics

City of Campbell River: Bring a bucket to keep beach fire fun and safe

  • May. 31, 2018 3:30 a.m.

Planning a beach fire now that the weather’s warmer?

Make sure you bring along a bucket for carrying supplies to the beach, and for transporting water to extinguish the fire when it’s time to go home.

“One of the best ways to enjoy a Campbell River evening is to soak in those coastal views while sitting around a fire at one of our many beautiful beaches,” says fire chief Ian Baikie. “Recreational fires, including beach fires, are currently permitted, but we do need to exercise caution, particularly as conditions become drier.”

The City of Campbell River Fire Department has been called to a number of problem beach fires this spring.

Here are more tips for preparing and caring for your next beach fire and those around it:

· Do not light a beach fire or keep it burning in windy conditions. The wind may carry embers and spread the fire.

· Since beach fires are not allowed on park land or private property (other than your own), always light beach fires below the high tide line.

· Recreational fires must not exceed 24 inches (60 centimetres) in diameter.

· Maintain a fireguard around the fire –a fuel-free area where all flammable materials (grass, kindling, driftwood, etc.) have been removed.

· Never leave a fire unattended.

· Be extra vigilant in supervising kids near the fire. Teach kids how to STOP, DROP and ROLL if their clothing should catch fire.

· Keep a bucket of water nearby for extinguishing the fire.

· Make sure that the fire is completely extinguished and the ashes are cold to the touch before leaving the area. An abandoned beach fire can become a dangerous and fast-moving blaze.

· Bonus bucket use: fill a bucket with water and use it to rinse sandy feet before getting the kids in the car.

Although recreational fires are currently permitted, during dry, hot conditions the Campbell River Fire Department may restrict or ban them. Please check local and provincial fire restrictions before lighting any fire. Visit for more information.