Claire Peachey (left) and Megan Grant will be exposing the dangers of skin cancer to Carihi grad participants.

Carihi to hold tan-free grad

Claire Peachey is great at getting the importance of the campaign across

Across the country high schools have been participating in Tan Free Grad, a student-led organization, started by the Canadian Cancer society to raise awareness about the seriousness of skin cancer.

As the weather gets warmer, lots of people like to soak up the sun, and with graduation coming around the corner, a lot of girls like to tan for prom. To help students realize the harm of tanning, the Canadian Cancer Society has presented Tan Free Grads and Carihi is participating.  Part of the organization is pledging. Those that sign agree  to “not tan, be it from indoor tanning devices or intentional outdoor tanning.”

Since the start of May, a booth has been set up in the hallway, where not only 2015 graduates but other students can sign up to take the pledge. So far more than 100 students have signed.

Claire Peachey is Carihi’s Tan Free Grad host, one who is great at getting the importance of the campaign across.

“Exposing your skin to the harsh UV rays of the sun/tanning beds significantly increase your chance of getting skin disease or cancer,” Peachey says.

“Melanoma is one of the most common forms of skin cancer for young adults between the age of 15-25 and so we want to encourage everyone to protect their skin.”

The whole campaign was introduced to Carihi Secondary school last year, when a student was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer, and her need to spread the attention and possible dangers of tanning.  Steering clear of the sun is almost impossible, it would mean spending most of your summer inside. However Claire Peachey adds that “It’s not about avoiding the sun completely, it’s just about taking the proper measures to protect your skin”