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All but one North Island provincial park remains open

Raft Cove Provincial Park is still closed due to hippy-fest concerns, but the rest are open and waiting for campers

With the exception of Raft Cove Provincial Park, all other northern Vancouver Island parks remain open to visitors.

“We are fortunate to have so many wonderful parks and recreational camping sites throughout the Vancouver Island region,” says Dave Petryk, President and CEO of Tourism Vancouver Island.

“Although Raft Cove on the North Island may be closed until further notice, outdoor enthusiasts will find ample outdoor recreational experiences in other north island parks and outdoor sites including Cape Scott, Schoen Lake, Marble River and God’s Pocket Provincial Parks to name a few.”

Raft Cove Park was closed in response to concerns arising from the World Rainbow Gathering as the increase in visitors would significantly increase the risk to public health and safety, the protection of the natural environment and the preservation of park values.

This park is small, remote and has very limited facilities and significant environmental and First Nation cultural values.  The closure is in effect until further notice.

For further information about the parks and recreation in Vancouver Island North, visit the