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LETTER: Truck Loggers Association weighs in on forestry dispute

“It is our hope that this action will bring a positive resolution for both parties”

Dear editor,

In response to the government’s appointment of special mediators in the coastal forestry dispute, announced on Feb. 6, we are encouraged by the news and pleased that government has finally responded to the desperate pleas from impacted contractors, workers, and communities by taking action to assist in the resolution of the United Steel Workers and Western Forest Products strike.

After eight months of this labour conflict with no substantive bargaining done, and what looks to have no potential end, it is time for greater pressure to get both parties to resolve their differences.

It is our hope that this action will bring a positive resolution for both parties so that more than 200 contractors and 3,000 workers can get back to work to support their businesses and families.

David Elstone,

Executive Director of the Truck Loggers Association

The Truck Loggers Association (TLA) represents 500-member companies in British Columbia. Their membership supports thousands of workers and, along with other independent contractors, accounts for close to 90 percent of the trees harvested in the province.

The TLA promotes a thriving, sustainable forest industry in BC.

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