Janice Guthy’s photo art is the focus of a new exhibit at the Tidemark Theatre gallery

Visit the QueenDom of Gutharian

Guthy Galleries is presenting The QueenDom of Gutharian at the Tidemark Theatre

Tidemark Art Gallery presents ‘The QueenDom of Gutharian’

Dr. Janis Guthy, a local family chiropractor and rising photo-artist, designs costumes, sets, and scenes.

Today, Guthy Galleries is presenting The QueenDom of Gutharian at the Tidemark Theatre located at Shoppers Row in Campbell River. This presentation exemplifies her unique style of photo-artistry on canvas.

Once upon a time, in the far away QueenDom of Gutharian, the Blue Queen in the Year 222, Queen Nywnorb reigned with love in the hearts and minds of her people. When not in her royal chambers, or on the great lands of the QueenDom she rides on her magical unicorn Sinaj throughout the skies. 
In the far east corner of the realm, lies the fashion capital of Gutharian called LillyDom. Here the finest of couture clothing is designed and hand crafted. The Dotter an experienced fabric maker dips and dots the fabrics all day long.


Sixty million years ago, Fairies and Angels were once united  through their offspring, Fairangs.
Most became extinct however some survived and went into hiding. They now exist in a remote village of the QueenDom. If you listen you will hear the sweet resonance of their song.
The children of Gutharian are the purest form of existence as the sun rises and falls on their little faces. Refinnej, Warrior Woman protects the QueenDom against Snogards and other threatening creatures. She can be seen riding her Roogon through the skies over Elk Falls. She keeps the QueenDom safe.

Gutharian is a mystical place like no other.

Take a journey to a place where whimsy and magic are the word.

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