Waking Giants

Two new exhibitions at Campbell River Art Gallery

Walking Giants and The man who never was are on now until Aug. 7

Max Streicher’s fascinating inflatable art has been seen in major centres across the planet – from Taiwan and Tokyo to Vienna, Prague and major Canadian cities. When the opportunity to bring his Waking Giants inflatable exhibition to our community became possible, the Campbell River Art Gallery jumped at the chance.

Waking Giants, sponsored by Denise Mitchell Interiors, was one of two new exhibitions that opened at the Gallery last week. Attendance at this exciting exhibition has been very high, but time is limited to see the works – they will leaving  for another show as of Aug. 7.

Streicher works extensively with inflatable technology, creating art that is as much about deflation as it is about inflation. Waking Giants is an homage to the famous terracotta soldiers and horses of China’s Emperor Quin Shi Huang.

“In bringing my horses and figures to life by breathing air into them, I feel that I share something with the creators of that terracotta army,” Streicher said. “My motivation is likely of a different sort. I am not interested in an expression of might or eternity. On the contrary, my work with inflatable sculpture is always about bringing the viewer back to the body, to breath, to an inner, quiet power and to an awareness of the tenuousness and fleeting nature of our existence.”

The Gallery is also delighted to be featuring artist Stephen Laidlaw, whose exhibition, The man who never was, sponsored by Poppy Steele and Hans Op de Beek, is in the Discovery Gallery.

The man who never was explores personal identity, questioning and re-evaluating the idea of self.

Everyone is welcome at the Campbell River Art Gallery Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. to see these two new exhibitions. The Gallery is also open until 8:30 p.m. Thursdays during July and August.