Shirley Gnome throws political correctness out the window and is not afraid to turn the air a little blue with her humour.

She’s raunchy and racy

DATE CORRECTION: She’s appearing on Quadra Island at the Heriot Bay Inn this Friday

Looking for some (inappropriate) laughs? Shirley Gnome’s the answer.

Gnome is a self-styled musical comedian, performer, and storyteller. Singing her own brand of titillating, crass, and absurd music, Gnome belts out original tunes about the embarrassing, profound, and hilarious adventures that happen when bodies collide.

She won over audiences all over Vancouver to become Patrick Maliha’s The People Champ of Comedy Competition 2012 Grand Prize Winner, taking home $20,000. She continued this success with a critically-acclaimed show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, the world’s largest arts celebration.

She’s appearing on Quadra Island at the Heriot Bay Inn this Friday, Feb. 21. Show starts at 7 p.m., tickets are $19.

“If you fancy a wild evening of sexually fuelled country rock, then get yourself along to see Shirley Gnome,” states an Edinburgh Fringe review. She’s raunchy and she’s racy and she mixes it with quality musicianship; call the Inn to reserve seats, 285-3322.

Editor’s Note: This article appeared in Friday’s paper with the wrong date. We apologize for the error.