Pastels for peanuts

Mix and match with pastel colours at a weekend art workshop

Although it was not Degas who invented the chalk pastel, it is he who we all remember as the one who made the most extensive and beautiful use of this rich and expressive medium.

Today there are thousands of artists using chalk pastels for studies, plein-air and full-sized studio pieces. Chalk pastels range in quality and hardness, but those who are familiar with the medium know that like any art supply, they can be expensive… and that you get what you pay for.

That said, local artist Sandra Lamb would like to contradict that financial “fact” and will  offer a workshop where participants will get over three times what they pay for.

In a small class, this Sat., April 21, Lamb will facilitate the making of hand-crafted pastels of the quality and consistency of Schminke and Unison brands.

During this full-day session, students will mix and roll their own set of pastels in colours of their choice with the opportunity to exchange with others if desired. A sumptuous lunch is included in the price. Cost for the workshop is $150 with the average participant going home with over $450 worth of pastels.

There are only a few spots left, so if you are interested in registration or more information, please e-mail Lamb at or call (250) 337-5487.