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Partners in Crime: Bonnie and Clyde

From the depths of this production come two formidable students

The drama sect at Carihi has almost always given a massive musical production every year, and for this show, the performance is Bonnie and Clyde.

From the depths of this production come two formidable students – Hudsen LeRoy and Randi Rae Lang – who have committed to portraying the leads in the production.

“I was collectively looking for musicals,” says LeRoy, “when I stumbled upon Bonnie and Clyde and thought it looked like a good play.”

LeRoy had been helping the director of many previous Carihi Musicals, Christine Knight, search for possibilities for the next play, when he happened upon this one and together, they decided that it was the best option. LeRoy was then given one of the lead roles as Clyde and he proceeded to practice as much as possible.

As well, Clyde needed a partner in crime, and after a bit of thought, Knight decided that the best person for the role was Randi Rae Lang. At first, Lang was apprehensive about taking the lead, “I’ve never been the star of a show before, and I fear I might do something like fall on my face.”

But she has spent a lot of previous time performing other plays, committing a part of herself to drama, and ultimately became excited for the debut of the show in late May.

The two will perform as well as graduate together. Together, the two performers are excited for the show to begin, because nothing beats the cheer of the crowd and the thrill of being on stage.