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New Rider Die Burlesque show set to charm Rivercity Stage

Featuring all local talent with a performance to transport you through time
Rider Die Burlesque’s new show: Hot Girl Time Machine is a spectacular time-travel burlesque experience at the Rivercity Stage March 31 and April 1. Photo by Melissa Dayman-Langen/Rider Die Burlesque

Hot off two sold-out Halloween shows, Rider Die Burlesque is back, bringing a dazzling performance to the Rivercity Stage.

The newly-founded troupe features all local talent from comedy to circus acts.

Founded by Campbell River native, Morgan “Honey Rider” McKee, Rider Die Burlesque was born out of a love for performing and the desire to share her love for the classic art form. The shows offer a variety of entertainment including burlesque, comedy, live music and specialty acts. A night at a Rider Die production is not just a show, it’s an experience.

Rider Die Burlesque’s new show: Hot Girl Time Machine is a spectacular time-travel burlesque experience. Get ready to drop in on some of the best times of the last 2,000 years.

“What sets Rider Die apart from other troupes is that we focus less on ‘traditional burlesque’ tropes like boas and gowns, and instead incorporate comedy, props and storytelling in each act to really take the audience on a journey,” says McKee. “Our shows also have a running theme so that you are watching a cohesive production, not just 20 individual acts.”

Featuring local performers:

- Lauryn “Titty Kitty” Thompson, a rollerskating Barbie from the 90s;

- Stephanie “Scarlotte” Miller and Kelly “Roxi Divine” Trirogoff, a 1930s gangster duet à la Thelma and Louise.

“I hope people walk out of our shows saying: ‘OMG! I can’t wait for the next show,’” says McKee. “I want them to be captivated and inspired. I hope they leave hungry to find out all they can about burlesque.”

Hot Girl Time Machine hits the Rivercity Stage at 1080 Hemlock St. March 31 and April 1, Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m. This is a 19+ event. Tickets start at $45 and can be purchased here.

Rider Die Burlesque’s performers come from all walks of life — from O.R. nurses, to forestry, the group is diverse. Founded in early 2022 by McKee, the troupe’s goal is to elevate expectations when it comes to burlesque.

“I have been called a burlesque purist, and I’m proud of that,” says McKee. “I refuse to let people water down the art form that I adore.”

McKee, who goes by Honey Rider on stage, has performed burlesque for nearly a decade and started Rider Die Burlesque to share her passion for the life-changing artform.

“The day after my first performance, everything changed. The things that used to scare me no longer felt daunting,” she says. “My world opened up. I wanted other people to know how that felt. I wanted them to feel the power of expression through performance.”

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