More music announced for the Big Time Out

There is something awesome brewing again up in the hills above the Comox Valley and it’s all about big time fun!

There is something awesome brewing again up in the hills above the Comox Valley and it’s all about massive sounds, wicked visuals, huge dancing and big time fun! It’s The Big Time Out and it comes to life in the Village of Cumberland this August 18 and 19.

The 2012 performer roster is chocked full with fresh talent from near and far and a final few artists have been added to the roster over the past two weeks including a huge talent who is coming home to the Island after a phenomenal touring year in some of Canada’s top venues.

His travels this summer have included the Calgary Stampede and performances of the song ‘Ride’, which he composed as the theme song for the Stampede’s 100th Anniversary.

Wil has a gift and he loves to share it. In his musicianship, lyrics and live performance, he exudes an equal measure of ferocious intent and heart wrenching beauty: as one fan eloquently stated “he’s a saw blade cutting though fine silk”.

Whether performing live, recording an album or writing for film, Wil is a dedicated and consummate professional.

Wil uses his legendary live show performances to develop his expansive roots-rock sound to create a style that is honest, edgy, raw and delicate yet achingly beautiful all at once.

One such performance was written as “as having so much power and soul it could stop your heart.”

Another recent addition to the 2012 program is Rocky Mountain Rebel Music (RMRM).

RMRM combine forces to create broadly influenced and super high energy music that drives the crowds into a dancing frenzy.

Recently voted Victoria’s Favorite Band by Monday Magazine, RMRM is charged by Reggae, Rock, Funk, Dub, Dancehall, Punk, and World Rhythms, delivering an original sound that defies comparison.

Shredding guitars, bubblin’ keys, smooth horns, hand percussion, drums, and heavy bass form the rough and rugged foundation upon which vocals rise and fall like the tide on Vancouver Island’s rocky coast.

A quick glimpse at the BTO website illuminates the breadth and scope of the 2012 line up. Performers include Vancouver based alt rockers Black Mountain, death country trio Elliott BROOD, Australia’s Aurora Jane, Luciterra, Humans, Longwalkshortdock, Mind of a Snail, Morlove, Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers, Kermal Evans and many more including an awesome roster of local talent.

In addition to Village Park, Big Time Out 2012 is offering seven other amazing venues throughout the Village including an all ages Pyramid Lounge at the Cumberland Recreation Institute featuring Funk Hunters, Longwalkshortdock and a wicked roster of Island Dj’s, art shows and installation art projects, dance workshops, shadow puppet theatre and live local bands at three downtown pubs – your wristband gets you access to all of this.

With the main stage line up now announced tickets are flying.

For tickets and information visit www.thebigtimeout.com


Saturday Aug. 18

Music kicks off at

High Noon


  • Shofar (Opening)
  • Pamela Tessmann Morlove
  • Kim Churchill
  • Library
  • Hannah Epperson
  • Kemal Evans
  • Luciterra
  • Des Larsen
  • Bahamas
  • Humans w/ Elvolutionaries
  • Black Mountain


Sunday Aug. 18

Music kicks off at

High Noon


  • Shofar (Opening)
  • Brodie Dawson
  • Kutiperra
  • Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers
  • Quoia
  • Aurora Jane
  • Luke Blu Guthrie
  • Rocky Mountain

Rebel Music

  • WIL
  • Elvolutionaries
  • Elliott Brood