Merville Fall Fair Variety Show

Numerous performers, musicians and historians set to entertain

Sashay on down to the Big Yellow Merville Hall on Sunday, Oct. 4, for the Fall Fair Variety Show.

The show, starting at 6pm, will feature local performers together with Valley icons such as The Lonely Guys, Joey Clarkson, Helen Austin, Fiddlejam, Mary Murphy and Paul Keim. Local historians will also help to keep the audience riveted to their seats while he reveals little known historical tidbits from the dark recesses of Merville’s and Black Creek’s distant past. MC Edwin Grieve will keep the action lively between the multitude of short, rapid fire musical sets as he jokes with the audience and commands his harried helper, Craig Freetoscurry, to scuttle about gathering the many prizes that fairgoers will be winning during the Variety Show’s draws and contests.

So far, there are over 30 entertainers signed up to rock your socks off so bring an extra pair if you want to stagger home with warm feet. The Big Yellow Merville Hall is looking good these days, with new washrooms, a beautiful new, accessible main entrance, upgraded kitchen and spacious dance hall.

There are also two new historic buildings on the site and these buildings need lots of work so events like this Variety show will help to pay the bills.

Tickets are $5 for adults or $10 for a family. For more information contact Craig at 250-339-4249.