Joey Purpura brings his Neil Diamond tribute to the Campbell River Legion on Aug. 30.

Have yourself a hot August night with Joey Purpura’s Neil Diamond tribute

Vocal impersonation of the famous singer will be reaching out and touching you

Good times have never seemed so good for this Neil Diamond impersonator.

Joey Purpura’s vocal impersonation of the famous singer will be reaching out and touching you as he brings his show to the Campbell River Legion Saturday, August 30.

There is a general feeling that’s evoked in the show, Purpura said.  Seeing people happy.

“I had no idea how beloved Diamond is. And I had no idea how powerful his music was – and still is – to people,” he said.

Seeing Diamond fans light up and seeing audience members smile or cry when they hear his ballads.

He said this as a satisfying part of his job. “Response is so good that I always get invited back wherever I perform,” Purpura said.

Purpura said he can also impersonate other artists, such as Elton John, Gordon Lightfoot, James Taylor and Scott Stapp, but his busy schedule hasn’t allowed him to showcase them yet.

“I haven’t been able to produce other acts yet. I’ve done a few shows with different voices, but not regularly,” he said.

To buy tickets for the show, call the Legion or pick up tickets at the Legion club room.

Tickets are $25 in advance/$30 door. Pick up tickets at the Legion club room. Call (250) 286-6831 for information.

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