Appearing in the Bio Diversity group art exhibit in the Tidemark Theatre is this work, Foraging by Sarah Bergeron.

Emily Carr alumni explore biodiversity and ecology through art in Campbell River exhibit

Bio Diversity is a group exhibition exploring biodiversity and ecology through art at the Tidemark Theatre this summer.

As alumni of Emily Carr University of Art & Design and North Island College, artists Jessie Zelko, Sarah Bergeron and TaraLee Houston have supported each other’s individual art practices and collaborated numerous times throughout the last several years, notably the painting Collaboration, and the video What is an Estuary? for Project Watershed.

These three artists are diverse in their individual art practices but share a collective passion for the visual arts. They employ arts-based research of biodiversity and ecology in notably diverse ways using an array of subjects, styles, colors and sourced content. Each artist sees the world through their own lens, finding the elements they connect to – internally and externally – and conveying these through their art practices.

Because of the artists’ deep connections to the surrounding environment, their works find harmony in their diversity. Looking at the biological underpinnings of each of the artworks in this exhibition we discover how interconnected everything is – animals, plants, humans, water, earth, emotions, colours, materials, abstractions, expressions and inclusions are in a constant dialogue with one another.

Bio Diversity will be on display in the Tidemark Art Gallery until Sept. 7. The artists will host a meet and greet to discuss their practice and their work on July 21 from 1-4 p.m. Admission is free and everyone is welcome.