Braden Majic/Carihi Mirror Lilly Lohss, an International student from Germany painted a table as part of Carihi’s community art project.

Carihi Mirror: Tables around Carihi get a facelift

Art students have been participating in a community art initiative

Braden Majic

Carihi Mirror

Carihi art students have been hard at work brightening up the hallways by repainting several tables as part of a community art project initiative.

“Two of my art classes have been working on community art projects,” said Leanne Longeway, Carihi art teacher .

Students had eight choices of community art projects that are both inside and outside of Carihi. Longeway has 60 students working on the various projects.

“It’s important to have choice in art,” she said.

One of those choices was to repaint the worn down resin tables found around Carihi. The tables were cleaned and sanded down before receiving fresh painted designs.

“You can see the difference between those that are painted now and the ones that still need to be refinished,” said Longeway.

Lilly Lohss is a Grade 11 international student from Germany. She painted a world map on her table which represents her love for travel and colours.

“I love it here [at Carihi],” said Lohss. “In Germany, schools aren’t like [this], you can’t really put your art somewhere.”

Lohss was happy to paint a table so that when she leaves, a part of her is still at Carihi. She planned out her design for about two weeks and then she began painting.

A second table was painted by Grade 11 student Morgan Regan and Grade 10 student Makayla Dobson.

“We talked to Ms. Longeway to see if we could actually use the spray paint,” said Dobson. “Then this cool idea was born.”

Both students wanted to paint a table so they decided to work together. They were able to use spray paint to create their galactic-themed table.

“I just think art is really relaxing,” said Regan.

The table took about a week and a half to complete.

A total of five tables were repainted and are now ready to have students use them again.

The various community art projects are slowly wrapping up as the third term at Carihi comes to an end after Easter weekend.

Carihi Mirror