Carihi Mirror: Students sing and dance at Caripalooza

A total of 19 acts made up of individuals, duos and groups showed their talents by singing songs, dancing, beatboxing and even reciting a poem at this year’s Caripalooza on May 1.

Singers Chloe Dobrinsky and Anna Nickoloff were amongst the talent, performing “Ophelia” by The Lumineers.

“I feel like a lot of people come out of their shell [at Caripalooza],” said Dobrinsky.

Caripalooza has long been an event where students from any grade have the opportunity to perform in front of their peers and teachers. The talent never fails to excite the audience, especially this year.

In addition to performing, Dobrinsky was also on the committee in charge of organizing Caripalooza.

“It was really cool to see the different acts before they got to perform,” she said.

At her own audition, Dobrinsky said they felt minimally nervous, even though they only started practicing the night before.

“We were both really busy,” said Dobrinsky. “We had no time.”

Luckily, both girls are not strangers to the stage. They both have been active in Carihi’s musicals and drama classes.

“I never get nervous about stuff like this, it’s like whatever happens, happens,” said Dobrinsky.

Shortly after their audition, they headed off to a busy weekend in New Westminster for the Sears BC Drama Festival. They practiced their performance while travelling to and from the mainland. They then returned in time for their Monday performance.

“I lost my voice that morning… but it went a lot better than I thought,” said Dobrinsky.

Nickoloff felt nervous when she was backstage but had her nerves put at ease after some encouragement from friends.

They performed at Caripalooza as the sixteenth act and received a warm reception from the audience.

Although they acknowledge they could have practiced more, they still feel they did a job well done.

Auditioning for next year’s Caripalooza is entirely possible for them. To other people who want to audition for Caripalooza, Dobrinsky says don’t be nervous.

“Auditioning is not the end of the world,” she said. “If you don’t get in it’s not your last chance.”

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Carihi Yearbook/Submitted Chloe Dobrinsky sings at Caripalooza.

Carihi Yearbook/Submitted Anna Nickoloff and Chloe Dobrinsky perform at Caripalooza on May 1.