Campbell River theatre group goes in for some Self Help

When you see the words ‘Self Help’ on the posters advertising the upcoming Rivercity Players’ show, don’t attend if you expect to turn into a better person.

You may need further help from a doctor to stop your sides aching from laughter.

Following up their success with Jennies House of Joy, the Players are putting on another Norm Foster comedy. Foster has the reputation of being the most produced Canadian playwright, his comedies are always highly entertaining.

Director Bill Walton thinks Self Help will certainly appeal to Campbell River audiences. The story is about two married, second-rate actors who set themselves up as self -help gurus and achieve world-wide fame.

“When Norm Foster wrote this play, he is on record as saying he had a great time going over the top to make it his funniest ever,” says director Bill Walton. “As a result, we have a show that is totally farcical – five entrances and exits on set, a body rolled in a carpet, which for a very strange reason (revealed when you see it) is proving hard to get rid of. A hard-nosed theatrical agent, a conceited and curious journalist, a laid back detective and a neurotic maid, who all have their personal problems to deal with, complete the cast. It is an extremely funny play.”

The cast, Colin MacPherson, Jen McGowan, Jessica Sloan, Mary Bedard-Green, and Patrick Baird have all had the experience of previous productions, and are all very enthusiastic.

“Their sense of fun is sure to be contagious for the audience,” says producer Glen Clark who is also taking part in the show.

Self Help performances are at the Rivercity Stage (1080 Hemlock St.) on Oct. 25-28, at 7 p.m., with a matinee at 2 p.m. Oct. 29, and November 1-4th with a matinee show also on the 4th. Tickets are on sale at the Tidemark Theatre, Art Impressions, and CR Laundromat.

The performance comes with an ‘Adult Content’ warning.