Aboriginal artist George Littlechild will be showing a disk full of his paintings for a visual treat as he presents at WOW this year. His book

Cambpell River’s Words on the Water festival celebrates the art of the written word

A jam-packed celebration of the written word runs all weekend at the Maritime Heritage Centre

It’s showtime for Campbell River’s Words on the Water (WOW) Writers’ Festival.

A jam-packed celebration of the written word runs all weekend at the Maritime Heritage Centre beginning tonight with the opening gala.

Of course, there are many reasons to take in the annual festival but here’s 10 for you:


10 Awesome Elements of 2014’s WOW Writers’ Festival


1. A writers’ festival is actually for readers! If reading is your passion, you’ll be in heaven at a writers’ festival.

2. Celebrate the written word by hearing it spoken. You can connect the voice on the page with the voice of the person.

3. Chat with the authors over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine after a reading. Munch on provided goodies, and swirl down the coffee offered free for your pleasure.

4. You are exposed to new styles of writing – you may find a new author that you love.

5. Timeless ideas and deep human truths clothed in measured and pondered words add to the sparse immediacy of tweets and posted impressions.

6. Book sellers provide a relevant collection of books to browse, and books purchased can be signed and personalized by the author.

7. Casual conversations may develop into thoughtful new friendships with people who love to read.

8. Music from local musicians fills the foyer with energy and delight. This year, enjoy a world celebrated classical guitarists, La Isla.

9. Listen to two fiction writers, see the works of aboriginal artist George Littlechild, view the illustrated lecture by renowned journalist Andrew Nikiforuk, contrast the contemporary poetic work of Two Boys in a Cadillac with a celebrated 40 year poet Tom Wayman, and hear two more non-fiction writers whose work illumines and informs.

10. Combine the spoken word, art, music, food and friendship for a rich feast on Friday March 14 and Saturday March 15 at the Maritime Heritage Centre. Tickets available at the Tidemark Theatre.