All revved up and keen too

One of the top comics in the country

What in the world has happened to Derek Edwards?

Exactly two years ago he said his preferred Winter Olympic sport – that is, of course, if he was an athlete – would be the luge because he’s a lazy man by nature and would enjoy the lying down aspect of luging.

That’s the Derek Edwards comedy fans know and love. So, who the heck is this up-beat, go-getter talking on the horn from Toronto?

“I’m revved up and keen of spirit!” he announces.

What was the last part?

“Keen of spirit,” he says more clearly, but with less enthusiasm.

H’mm, perhaps he’s adding blueberries to his bran flakes these days or maybe it’s the lightening that’s energizing him.

“We had this electrical storm last night. It was magnificent…and it was interesting to hear something over the traffic,” he quips.

Ta-da-dum! There we go. That’s more like the Edwards everyone knows.

And if you don’t know Edwards, think of him this way: He’s the guy in the office who no one pays attention to until you’re gathered around the water cooler, chewing the fat about world politics and then this guy in the frumpy suit, with unshined shoes, let’s go a zinger so funny that even the hard-nosed boss cracks up.

For example, here’s his take on Monday’s federal election.

“It’s like trying to pick which one of the Golden Girls you want to date,” he quips.

It’s that type of humour which probably earned him months of detention time during his school years, but later propelled him to the top flight of Canada’s best comics.

Edwards is a 14-year veteran of Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival and is the only Canadian to win the prestigious Vail, Colorado, Invitational Comedy Competition. He’s also a four-time nominee and winner of Best Standup Comic at the Canadian Comedy Awards.

And Edwards is back on the road, kicking off his “Blunderful Life” tour in Campbell River on Wednesday and appearing in Courtenay next Saturday.

“The first time I was out there four years ago, I’m driving along, admiring all beauty, and it was hard to stay on the road,” he recalls. “It’s those little grasps of sanity that make me think I’m just an insect here.”

An insect, perhaps, but he’s enjoying the buzz of fame that will also take him to Ireland, Amsterdam and Australia this year.

He’s also pleased about a part written for him in a new TV pilot, which may or may not fly.

“The character is unmotivated loser-type. Go figure?” he deadpans.

Comedian Derek Edwards performs at the Tidemark Theatre on Wednesday, May  4, 8 p.m. Tickets are $45, available at the box office.