Slam poetry duo 2 Dope Boys will bring their talents to Campbell River Aug. 27.

2 Dope Boys perform at Shot in the Dark

Words have the ability to shake, change and reshape your view of the world

Words have the ability to shake, change and reshape your view of the world.

The delivery can be just as important as the content. Spoken word poetry (or Slam Poetry) is a means of exploring the use of speech, rhythm and performance art to convey concepts as serious as sexual exploitation to as light and humorous as an awkward first kiss.

The 2 Dope Boys have a particular grace when it comes to working the balance between Kleenex worthy moments and utter hilarity. At the end of August, Campbell River will have the opportunity to experience a performance first hand.

The duo comprises of Johnny Macrae, the 2010 Vancouver Grand Slam champion and a two-time Canadian Individual Poetry Slam finalist. MacRae boasts as having been crowned  “one of the weirdest poets in Canada,” and named the 2013 Victoria Spoken Word Festival Poet of Honour. The other dope, shayne avec i grec, has almost a decade of experience captivating audiences. As a staple performer in many of the summer festivals, shayne avec i grec has shared the stage with the likes of Buffy St. Marie, C. R. Avery and Shayne Koyczan to name a few.

Shot in the Dark will serve as the venue for this rambunctious duo on Aug. 27 at 7 p.m. This is a free event co-hosted by the John Howard Society and Campbell River Arts Council.