Youth Action Committee kicks off the year

Campbell River students don’t shy away from being active members of society

In Campbell River, many youth look for a way to get involved in the community.

Be it for credit towards graduation, to earn a couple bucks, or plainly for pleasure, students here don’t shy from being active members of society.
 And the Youth Action Committee (YAC), a local student council run by the City of Campbell River, searches for ways to help youth meet their goals.  At their first meeting of the year, the committee voted on which projects to dedicate themselves to. 
It was evident to all of them; Campbell River’s youth have trouble finding jobs. 
To help students, YAC is hoping to run a series of workshops to train business owners in working with youth.

The goal is to encourage owners to give teenagers the skills or credentials they’re looking for with regards to available positions, essentially increasing career opportunities for students. This results in more efficient workers, who know exactly what their manager wants.

These workshops can be an effective mechanism for students seeking jobs. In addition to training, it would also open up the idea of working with youth in general, making teenagers feel universally recognized within the city.

The Youth Action Committee is also looking at other projects, such as obtaining feedback on the bus system, dedicating a week to youth events, and raising awareness about the youth charter passed by city council last year.