Top composter to be announced

Campbell River program aims to educate families about recycling and composting

The battle has been won. After clearing the hurdles and busting the myths around fruit flies, compost juice and rotting food, the six families in Campbell River’s Compost Challenge are ready to show the community how fun and easy composting really is.

Between July 1 and Aug. 22, six families in Campbell River embarked on a 30-day compost journey, filming their trials and tribulations of the daily challenge in reality-TV style.

Judges will review the compost and video footage this week and will score the families based on: who produced the healthiest compost, generated the least amount of garbage, and who captured the funniest and most creative moments of their journey on video.

The families have composed composting songs, taken their compost camping, and one family even found some dressed-up vegetables having a party in their composter!

The winner of the 30-day Video Compost Challenge will be announced today, Aug. 29, and the family will receive $500 in groceries (not to mention the fame of being Campbell River’s first-ever Compost Challenge winner).

Footage from the Video Compost Challenge will become part of a professionally-produced film debuting in October 2012.

The film will be featured on Shaw TV, the City’s You Tube channel, and shown in Campbell River schools and at 2013 community film festivals, including the Earth Week Film Festival.

In the meantime, judge for yourself at

The contest is sponsored by a grant from the Comox Strathcona Waste Management.