Time, once again, to crown Mr. Timberline

The pageant is being put together by the Timberline Student Leadership class

Timberline Secondary School will be putting on a show with the upcoming “Mr. Timberline” Charity Pageant.

On May 21, a select few male Timberline students will strut their stuff on stage in an attempt to win the crown and the title of “Mr. Timberline.”

“It’s basically a mock beauty pageant—but for boys,” said grade 11 Timberline student Natasha Pereszlenyi.

The pageant is being put together by the Timberline Student Leadership class, a group that meets once a week before school starts. Pereszlenyi, a member of Student Leadership, is heavily involved in putting together the event.

“We plan all the events that take place at school, things like pep rallies and spirit days,” she said. “Really anything that betters the community and the school.”

The first Mr. Timberline pageant was held in 2003, and was based on previous pageants that had been held at Southgate Middle School in the 1990s. But Mr. Timberline is more than a sprit event—it’s primarily a fundraiser, and a different charity to support is chosen every year. Previous pageants have raised funds for ALS, cystic fibrosis, and cancer. One year’s funds even went towards building an orphanage in Bolivia.This year, the funds are being raised for the Vancouver Island Crisis Society for their work in suicide prevention.

“Because it’s something that affects high school students,” said Pereszlenyi. “The whole class came up with the idea together.”

“All the fundraisers are inspired by a Timberline family affected in some way,” said Timberline teacher and Student Leadership mentor Terry Philp. “This one was for students really being (impacted) by suicides over the past few years.”

The Vancouver Island Crisis Society will be represented at the school on the night of the pageant, and will accept a cheque at the end of the event.

With the show a month away, all the male contestants and their female managers have been secured. The beauty pageant will involve three segments: a formal wear portion, an active wear portion, and a talent show. Many of the Mr. Timberline contestants have chosen nicknames including “Mr. Overconfident,” “Mr. Satisfaction,” and “Mr. Steal Ya Girl.”

Previous pageants are available for viewing on YouTube, but Pereszlenyi says they are still in the planning stage for what will happen this year.

“It’s still a surprise for us,” she laughed.

The school will hold a few promotional events over the week to raise awareness of the event and to help draw a crowd.

“The lineup of guys is very diverse,” said Philp. “There are representatives from pretty much every grade.” This includes academics, athletes, musicians, and more.

“Basically,” added Philp, “anyone willing to put themselves out there and take a risk for charity.”

Of previous Mr. Timberline winners, she said, “Every one of those guys has said they would do it again in a heartbeat.”

Mr. Timberline will take place on May 21 in the Timberline Secondary School Gym. The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased in advance starting May 1 at the school’s main office or gym office for $5, or $7 at the door.

“It’s a really good family event,” said Philp. “Most of all, it’s a fun and entertaining evening for a good cause.”