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Timberline Secondary School raises over $5,000 from 30-hour famine

‘It is crews of kids like these that fuel my drive to teach’
Timberline students during the 30-hour famine. Photo submitted by Steven Joyce.

Timberline Secondary School raised $5,442 for World Vision Canada (WV) during their 30-hour famine event from May 10 to 11.

“A huge shout out to the kids of the Global Issues Club who, during the school’s 30-hour famine, raised $5,442 under the northern lights, sharing stories of those around our world in poverty, learning about how everyone can help, starting by building compassion for those we don’t even know,” says Steven Joyce, one of the teachers who organized the event. “It is crews of kids like these that fuel my drive to teach.”

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Joyce said 30 students and three teachers took part in the 30-hour famine. The participants met at the school’s theatre at 6 a.m. on May 10, where they learned about various subjects including famine, poverty, health issues, water issues, and landmines. How to help people living under these conditions was also discussed. Participants were allowed to drink plenty of fluids, as long as it was water or sugar-free juices (excluding popsicles and/or juice crystals). If they needed food, plain rice was available.

Participants were allowed to join sports activities, listen to music, watch movies or join in on simulations such as building a “refugee” town out of cardboard.

They were allowed to go home after 11 a.m. the next day, after a group breakfast to break the fast.

Each participant had to fundraise or donate a minimum of $100 to join the event.

This year was the first time Timberline has done the 30-hour famine since 2018 after it was paused running every year since 1999.