Merle Miller clears broom from the Raven Industries site in north Campbell River.

Raven Industries takes up fight against broom

Raven Industries in Campbell River has taken it upon themselves to eradicate Scotch broom from their property

Clearing a massive field of broom from the Raven Industries land, north of the Highway 19 bridge, is not an easy task.

Work began on the site Tuesday and with eight or nine acres to clear, using an excavator, it will be many days before the last broom is removed from the soil.

Raven Industries Manager Ian Legge has had a growing concern for the infestation of broom in the community and knew the company would have to take action.

“It is definitely the right thing to do,” said Legge.

“It is going to take many thousands of dollars to clear the land but the company is willing to do its part.”

In total there are 30 acres which stretch along the Campbell River estuary including the Raven Park.

The park and the trail head for the park were donated to the city by the Pat Martin and the Lee Luckhurst families in the 1990s.

Raven Trail is one of two entrances used by the community to access the Baikie Island Nature Reserve.