Movie nights mean more at Immigrant Centre

Immigrant Welcome Centre hosts Meaninful Movie nights to eat, watch and discuss movies

You’ve just watched a thought-provoking movie, the credits are rolling by and you are left with questions, lingering emotions and wanting more information.

Meaningful Media (M&M) Night provides opportunities to watch meaningful movies with others followed by a discussion and sharing of a meal. M&M Night is the third Monday of every month at the Robron Centre in the Immigrant Welcome Centre’s Activity Room A114 from 3:30 – 8:30 p.m.

The next M&M Night is January 21 with the film “Education Under Fire” and everyone is welcome to attend.

Youth and adults that have attended the evening said they have learned about lots of things that are of concern to the youth and that the attendees are a diverse, accepting, wonderful and loving group.

General topics include human rights, social justice issues and current events through movies such as North Country, Food Inc., and Temple Grandin. Topics cover various areas of discrimination.

“As part of this year’s Interfaith project titled ‘What I Believe’ several M&M Nights will have a spiritual focus with movies based on various spiritualities and religious pluralism which is defined as the understanding and acceptance that religions can co-exist in society,” said Rachel Blaney, Executive Director of the Immigrant Welcome Centre.

To register or find out more contact or call (250) 830-0171.