Manson’s Landing exhibit to be developed in Cortes Island museum

he Cortes Island Museum has received funding of $80,000 to enhance the existing Cortes Island Museum & Archives

Manson’s Landing’s 125th anniversary will be marked by the development of an exhibit on the Cortes Island community’s origins, thanks to federal funding.

John Duncan, Conservative Member of Parliament for Vancouver Island North, announced funding for the Cortes Island Museum & Archives Society celebrating local heritage with the 125th Anniversary of Mansons Landing.

“Our government received a strong mandate from Canadians to invest in organizations that support local heritage, like the Cortes Island Museum & Archives Society,” said Minister Moore. “By supporting this organization, our Government is delivering on its commitment to strengthen our economy and support our arts, culture, and heritage.”

“Renovating the treasured Cortes Island Museum will ensure the building will be enjoyed for another 125 years,” said MP John Duncan. “With the ability to access archives on site and the addition of a permanent exhibit on the origins of Mansons Landing not only will this project provide long term benefits for the residents of Cortes Island and visitors alike, it will also create short and long term job opportunities.”

“Without this funding to help expand the facility, many important artifacts and original documents would have been lost or destroyed,” said Nancy Kendel, Cortes Island Museum & Archives Society President. “We are very excited about creating a permanent legacy which celebrates the founding of Manson’s Landing, and honours the contributions of the Manson family to the history of Cortes Island.”

The Cortes Island Museum has received funding of $80,000 to enhance the existing Cortes Island Museum & Archives with renovations that will take place over the next two years. The construction of the archives and permanent exhibition will encourage local residents, visitors and researchers to explore and learn about the history of the community.

The Government of Canada created the Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program in September 2007. This program provides Canadians with more opportunities to take part in local activities that present arts and culture and celebrate local history and heritage. This program will benefit many community events and celebrations throughout Canada this year.