Scotty MacLaren (second from left) poses with some of his cohorts who will be jumping out of an airplane on Sunday, July 8 after collecting pledges to help Campbell River Search and Rescue buy a new ATV. Photo by Grant Jones

It’s nearly jump time for Campbell River’s Scotty MacLaren

Well, the big moment for Scotty MacLaren is approaching as he does last minute preparations for his big skydive in support of Campbell River Search and Rescue on Sunday, July 8.

MacLaren, who has been active with many community causes over the years, has turned his sights on helping out Campbell River Search and Rescue. He and eight friends are going to jump out of an airplane after collecting pledges from the community. His tandem skydive for search and rescue is backed by Pacific Airsports and Keep Your Shirt On and is in aid of raising money for new ATVs for Campbell River Search and Rescue.

MacLaren’s jump team is made up of Marcus Huber of Altech Diesel, Rebecca Minaker of Shoppers Drug Mart, Jim Costain of Dairy Queen, Diane White, Wendy Follows of Forbidden Zone, Ken BlackBurn of the Museum at Campbell River, Patricia Davis of Tap Bookkeeping, Kim Patrick of Island Fever Travel and Marnie Bymak of the City of Campbell River.

The jump is a memorial for Scotty’s wife Sheran who was a long time resident, business owner, painter, benefactor and friend of many in Campbell River.

Join Scotty and his jump team from noon to 5 p.m. on July 8 for refreshments and a salmon barbecue picnic at the Campbell River airport (look for the signs). It will be a family fun afternoon in memory of a very special person, and for a great cause in the community.

A gofundme page has been set up and anyone who gives $50 or more is eligible for a tax receipt – visit: