Ideas sought on homelessness in the area south of Campbell River

Strathcona coalition to end homlessness hosts housing engagement in Oyster River

Housing pressures are having an impact all over the region – and south of Campbell River to the Oyster River is no exception.

Homelessness and lack of affordable housing affects us all, from families, seniors, young adults, seasonal employees, to those who are most vulnerable.

The Strathcona Community Health Network (SCHN) and the Campbell River and District Coalition to End Homelessness (CRDCEH) are again partnering on the Affordable Housing Benefits Everyone! Project. This time they are inviting citizens of Area D south of Jubilee and north of the Oyster River to share their experiences and ideas to improve access to appropriate and affordable housing in their area.

From Oct. 22 to 29 a “Housing Idea Wall” will be posted at the Oyster River Discovery Foods, 2207 Glenmore Road. The purpose of the Ideas Wall is to encourage participants to think about the types of housing they’ve lived in at different phases of their life, the kinds of housing they may need in the future, and any types of housing they feel may be missing in their area.

Then on Tuesday, Oct. 29, a drop-in conversation event will be held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the Oyster Bay Resorts, 4357 South Island Highway. This will be an interactive event with guided stations for people to learn about different housing types, as well as express their thoughts, concerns, and suggestions.

“We know that the housing environment is changing rapidly and this engagement is an important way for us to understand the ideas and concerns of the community,” Kristi Schwanicke, Coordinator of the Coalition to End Homelessness, said. “The Coalition is looking forward to the opportunity to talk with residents, so we know what types of housing communities need so we can continue to advocate for affordable and appropriate housing in our community.”

“Local solutions are needed to address local needs,” added Libby King, Coordinator of the Health Network. “What works in Campbell River won’t necessarily be appropriate in Area D or the islands. Our past engagements show that communities want the chance to be listened to when it comes to housing policy. The purpose of the ‘Affordable Housing Benefits Everyone’ project is to listen to the community and to learn what local responses will be most effective.”

At the end of the campaign, they will summarise what was heard and provide a set of recommendations on next steps so they can better advocate for affordable housing throughout the region. Engagements in other areas of the Regional District will follow.

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