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How I got the shot

Mirror multimedia journalist wins gold at Ma Murray Awards
Alex Haley takes part in Round 7 of the 2019 VIMX/ Honda Canada Island Championship Series at the Campbell River Motocross Track on Sept. 8, 2019. Photo by Marissa Tiel/Campbell River Mirror This picture won the Feature Photo Award, Over 25,000 at the 2020 British Columbia-Yukon Community News Association’s Ma Murray Awards. Winners were announced on April 25, 2020 during a virtual presentation.

It was already busy when I arrived at the Campbell River Motocross Track. One of the final assignments of my weekend shift, I was getting ready to make pictures at the track’s final event of the season.

Round 7 of the VIMX/Honda Canada Island Championship Series had attracted riders from across Vancouver Island.

Knowing the race coverage was likely to appear as a photo spread, I set out to take a variety of pictures from different places around the Campbell River Motocross Track.

Located just outside of Campbell River between McIvor Lake and the Elk Falls parking lot, the track is huge.

It was my first time there and I put in a fair amount of steps checking out the course before taking out my camera.

I found a number of spots to shoot from. Each held the potential for a different type of picture: the long uphill, the hairpin corner, the epic jump (well, there were a few of those).

I shot a variety of heats at each spot hoping to create a photo essay that did the event justice in its scope and participant difference.

Once I was satisfied with my selection, I set out to make another frame, something that would be unique to the course. A bonus pic, if you will. I walked around the middle area of the course, where the loops on either side meet and you have a pretty good view of the whole course. A copse of trees caught my eye. So I framed the shot and waited for the next heat.

This frame stood out to me. From the layers of trees to the pop of red and the biker’s placement in the left third of the page.

I am pleased with the end result and I am excited to keep showcasing our community visually.

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