GALLERY: Dogs of Campbell River

Sam has found the perfect perch on the couch. Photo courtesy of Melissa Corrin
Boris is taking some time to smell the flowers. Photo courtesy of Vanessa Klobucar
Mia hasn’t quite grown into her ears yet. Photo courtesy of Angela Cudmore Castle
Finlay rocks their sweater. Photo courtesy of Jaime Guthrie
Luna hasn’t learned to drive yet, but she’s great at warming the seat up. Photo courtesy of Angela Stephenson
Sollo, 1.5, is proud to be named after Okisollo Channel. Photo courtesy of Michelle Mercer
Gouda is a 12-week-old rescue from the Northwest Territories. Photo courtesy of Tasia Dick
Tell it to me straight. Do these glasses make me look smart? Charles wants to know. Photo courtesy of Kathy Hilton Staples
Kylo and Veyda have nap-time coordinated. Photo courtesy of Gillian Flock
From left, Jazmin and Coco are just the power duo you need right now. Photo courtesy of Emma Easen
Nothing there? Look again. Loki’s beautiful white coat blends in with the snow. Photo courtesy of Lisa Dawson
Shelby will stare into your eyes just as long as you look into theirs… but are you gonna throw that ball now? Photo courtesy of Janey Duma
Della has found the perfect chin-resting rock. Yes, she is very comfortable, thanks for asking. Photo courtesy of Lisa Goldsack
Say hi to Toby. He’s almost two-years-old. Photo courtesy of Shaee Christyne
Holly loves wearing her ‘work’ bandana. Photo courtesy of Mandy-Rae Cruickshank-Krack
Jetson enjoyed the mud just the right amount during a muddy Beaver Lodge walk. Photo courtesy of Lori Elphick
Give a howl for Max who is thoroughly enjoying the sunshine at Rotary Beach Park. Photo courtesy of Phil Winspear
This is Keela, a seal pup keeshond. Photo courtesy of Deb Haskins
This is Lindylou. Her human says she’s got the ‘self-isolating’ down pat. Photo courtesy of Diedre Anne
Freddie chose a size-appropriate stick on his walk. Photo courtesy of Thomas Howard
Desmond is Elk Meadows Farm’s resident border collie. Photo courtesy of Sarah Lottis
Austin and his very smart bow-tie. Photo courtesy of Natalie MacLeod

Monday, March 23 was National Puppy Day. We put a call out to our followers on Facebook for photos of their best dog friends. And Campbell River, what can I say, you did not disappoint. While I wish I could have included everyone from the more than 120 submissions we received, there just wasn’t enough room.

Without further ado, I introduce you to some of Campbell River’s dog population.

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