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Elk Falls flow to be increased to help steelhead migration

A July 2019 photo of Elk Falls at the 30 cubic metres per second flow rate. BC Hydro will be maintaining the flow down the falls at 7 m3/s between March 31 and April 16. BC Hydro photo

BC Hydro is set to commence a 15-day fish migration and spawning flow down Elk Falls Canyon to benefit steelhead.

The minimum fish habitat flow down Elk Falls Canyon is four cubic metres per second (m3/s), except between April 1 and 15 when it is 7 m3/s. In the evening of March 31 the base flow will be increased to 7 m3/s with the flow holding there through the morning of April 16, a statement from BC Hydro says.

These flow modifications are intended to help steelhead access good spawning habitat from the generating station up to Elk Falls. This extended migration flow within Elk Falls Canyon follows the two-day steelhead migration and spawning flows of 10 m3/s that have been taking place once per week for five weeks, and concluded March 21.

BC Hydro has placed temporary safety signage along the trails within the Elk Falls Canyon area and the public is asked to stay away from the water flow above Elk Falls. People can view the falls from the safety of the suspension bridge and the lookout.