Conference to help you get a grip on this religion thing

You don’t have to go far in your everyday life to be confronted with someone’s religion or faith

You don’t have to go far in your everyday life to be confronted with someone’s religion or faith.

Every night on the news, or during talk shows, world religions and faiths play a major role in how people make their decisions for both good or bad.

Do you find your self wondering how you fit in to all this? Perhaps you believe in a god somewhere, but haven’t found a particular style that suits you. Or maybe the idea of evil and how people use their religion to oppress others repels you from them. The idea of a faith appeals to you, but the way people use it doesn’t.

Maybe you remember going to church as a child, hearing great stories and enjoyed the people that were there – but you can’t quite remember what it was really about. You know you believe in God, but how does this Jesus person fit in? And if this God is really so full of love, why do so many people suffer?

These thoughts and questions are extremely common, and are important.

That is why the Campbell River Baptist Church is designing a weekend where people of faith or those who are just curious can drop in, and have an opportunity to hear from some of Canada’s finest minds on these topics.

The purpose is to encourage those who want to learn more about what Christians claim to be the truth, and answer any of those personal nagging questions that you have been carrying around in the back of your head.

This is a rare opportunity to sit down with renowned theologians and scholars, who spend much of their time wrestling with the same questions you may have.

The conference is set for May 3-5, at the Baptist church on Dogwood St. There is a fee. Friday May 3 is specifically designed for the youth and young adults – with a special guest band, Kiros, headlining the evening.

You will find more information on their website at