Line ups began early at public boat launch areas on Monday, opening day for many fishers who wanted to keep a Chinook salmon. Photo by Don Daniels

Chinook retention fishery underway; Be aware that there are still restrictions

FISHING CORNER: Line ups began early at public boat launch areas on opening day

By Don Daniels

Just by looking at the highway traffic last Sunday when boats were being trailered to Campbell River, you knew that Monday morning would be a busy start to the day when fishing for Chinook salmon would be open.

for many fishers who wanted to keep a Chinook salmon. As we all know fishing regulations are political and complicated and anyone fishing for Chinook salmon in Discovery Passage area 13 has to abide by the rules and yes rules are constantly changing.

As of Monday July 15, you can keep one (1) Chinook per day until July 31 and size limit for a keeper is 62 cms. Any fish over 80 cms has to be released. As I made my walk to the Big Rock public boat launch, I met a few anglers who had caught salmon in the keeper size range to about 17 pounds.

At one point as many as 43 boats were fishing around the Green Can and more boats were spotted in the distance. Most charter boats were out and many are guiding customers every day of the week. All hooks are barbless and any wild coho salmon must be released. Fisheries have all information posted at marinas and if clamming is your thing the catch limits are also posted.

The size restriction on Chinooks will have little or no effect on the Tyee Club’s operation here in the month of July as most Tyee caught come in the month of August. Rowers will get out to get into shape and yes anglers can get a fish but it may not hit the scales.

The first catch of Chinooks caught over 30 pounds will come in the month of August and the majority of Tyee salmon will be between mid August to mid September.

All fish are caught on spoons and plugs and as fish hit the scales I will post anglers’ and rowers’ names. We’ll see who has bragging rights for 2019.The clubhouse is located at the spit and if you have any questions you can stop in and ask questions and get in on old fashioned fishing

The most fun you can have salmon fishing is getting out and fishing for pink salmon and already the first pinks caught at Kelsey Bay have come in and on Friday, July 12 at 7:15 p.m., Steve Houghton hooked into the first fish off the dock. You can use light spinning gear and at times it can be quite entertaining watching anglers try to land a salmon on the dock. All young children must wear a life jacket and jackets are available at the gift shop right on the wharf.

Locally, you can watch the fishing action at Sandy Pool and once the pinks arrive it’s a show at the pool as everyone gets in on the action. Both the DFO and RCMP will be monitoring Discovery Passage and Campbell River. In weeks to come, beach fishing will get started.

This way of fishing is fun and affordable and is quite doable for anyone who wants to experience salmon fishing on light gear in and around Campbell River.