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Celebrating a decade of excellence: 2024 Readers Choice Awards promises unprecedented excitement!

2024 READERS CHOICE AWARDS. Campbell River Mirror graphic

In its monumental 10th year, the eagerly-anticipated 2024 Readers Choice Awards is making waves like never before, thanks to an overwhelming response from the vibrant Campbell River community.

With an impressive 40 per cent surge in votes compared to last year and a phenomenal doubling of voters, this year’s awards are poised to be the grandest celebration of local excellence yet.

“Our community has truly outdone itself this year. The enthusiasm and engagement are beyond anything we’ve witnessed in the past. It’s heartening to see QR codes and custom links being used by businesses to encourage nominations, showcasing the innovative ways our community rallies together to celebrate its favorites,” says Campbell River Mirror Publisher Jacquie Duns.

What’s more, the 2024 Readers Choice Awards introduces two exciting new categories – Community Champion and Diversity Superstar, reflecting the dynamic and inclusive spirit of Campbell River. These additions have resonated with the community, creating a buzz of excitement and meaningful recognition.

“The response to the new categories has been incredible,” Duns says. “It’s heartwarming to witness our community rallying behind those who go above and beyond to make a positive impact. The introduction of Community Champion and Diversity Superstar has added an extra layer of excitement and meaning to the awards.”

One of the most thrilling aspects of this year’s Readers Choice Awards is the chance to vote daily. This ensures that the accolades go to the truly deserving, and the community has the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the results.

“Do you have a favorite restaurant, clothing store, or park in Campbell River? Your voice matters! By casting your vote daily, you not only support your local favorites but also contribute to the vibrancy of our community,” Duns says.

To make the voting experience even more rewarding, participants have the chance to win big! Enter a minimum of 10 of your favorite nominees for a shot at winning a $750 gift card from Spinners Sports. This generous prize adds an extra layer of excitement to an already thrilling event, motivating residents to engage and show appreciation for their cherished local spots.

As Campbell River eagerly awaits the results, the 2024 Readers Choice Awards promises to be a celebration of community spirit, resilience, and the outstanding contributions that make Campbell River the vibrant and unique place it is. Cast your votes today at or visit and select the Contests tab and be a part of this decade-defining celebration!