Biking can be a source of inspiration and a way to experience joy in this beautiful place we call home. (File photo/ Black Press Media)

Catch the cycling bug!

What an incredible few months it has been. In our last article, Pedal Your World bike shop was closing the doors for a bit so that we could create a safe and healthy experience at the shop.

To be honest, for us at the bike shop we initially had a hard time justifying re-opening the doors while COVID-19 and the uncertainty it brought seemed to be at its height. We thought that maybe we should just stay closed and do our part to flatten the curve, despite being designated an essential service.

We chose to open with reduced hours and put practices in place to keep everyone isolated and safe. We were reminded quickly by so many customers that biking isn’t purely a selfish endeavour and that during this time, bikes can play a vital role in keeping many of us mentally and physically healthy and provide a valuable outlet during a really difficult time.

For some, a bike is transportation, while for others it’s a way to stay fit. For some, a bike ride is meditation, while for others it’s a chance to get outside and scream “YAAAAHHOOOOOO” while ripping down a new trail.

No matter what it is for you, getting on your bike, especially during this season of life, is a chance to say that despite the challenges we face, we won’t remain idle and get soft.

At the shop, we’re reminded daily that us bikers are a resilient bunch, and that desire to get out and ride has been absolutely infectious. I love that we’re seeing so many more young families get out in the trails on their new bikes. It’s inspiring to see folks who were hesitant to ride long distances are now hopping on new e-bikes and beating personal-bests every day. It’s amazing how many people are dusting off a bike that’s been sitting for years, bringing it in for a tune-up, and rediscovering the joy of riding.

Wouldn’t it be great if this reinvigorated or newfound love of bikes led to a new way of thinking when it comes to biking? It doesn’t have to be a selfish, me-first type activity.

Today, we’re learning that biking can be an integral part of a healthy and complete life. Biking can include valuable time alone and with others. It can be extremely challenging, both physically and mentally, and that’s a good thing!

Perhaps most importantly, during tough times like we all face today, biking can be a source of inspiration and a way to experience joy in this beautiful place we call home.

– Courtesy Pedal Your World