Carihi Leadership students recently raised $2,000 for the Campbell River Hospital Foundation. The money will be used to purchase a specialized baby scale for the maternity department and toys and games for the paediatric play room.

Carihi Leadership raises $2,000 for Hospital Foundation

Students were trying to raise $1,500 for a baby scale, but now there’s extra for toys and games

During the month of March, Carihi Leadership students set out to raise money towards a specialized baby scale for the Maternity Department through their “Carihi Cares” campaign.

The cost of the scale was $1,500, but the students, teachers and the community banded together to far exceed the goal and raise $2,000 through a “Jean Jacket Day” as well as a coin style drive where hearts were purchased and displayed in the school. Teachers and their classrooms were pitted against each other in friendly competition, which led to impressive results.

“It is very inspirational to see a group of young adults get behind this cause,” Campbell River Hospital Foundation Events and Communications Director, Carly Pisterzi, says. “They rallied their peers and spread a positive message and we hope they are proud of what they have done. We sure are.”

The extra funds will go towards Pediatric Play Room Toys/Games and Pediatric Prizes for Patients on Discharge.