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Campbell River Community Foundation Neighbourhood Small Grants program back for another round

$50 - $500 grants available
As part of NSG, the Vancouver Foundation awarded a grant to an Abbotsford resident to organize a socially distanced driveway dinner party for neighbours to get to know each other. Grant applications for such projects can be made with the Campbell River Community Foundation before Oct.29, by residents of Sayward, Quadra and Campbell River. (Neighbourhood Small Grant photo)

The Campbell River Community Foundation is pleased to be partnered with the Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG) program and offer another cycle of granting. NSG is a grassroots program that is based on a simple but powerful idea that when people feel a sense of connection and belonging in their neighbourhood they are more likely to be engaged in activities that make it a better place to live.

When people are active in the life of their neighbourhood our communities are strengthened from the ground up.

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What is a Neighbourhood Small Grant? Any individual can apply for a $50 to $500 grant for a neighbourhood project that connects cultures, communities, and neighbours.

Projects that connect people socially or projects that share skills, knowledge, or culture are all eligible.

The Neigbourhood Small Grants are truly community oriented.

The NSG Review Committee is composed of community members and is as diverse as our community and the projects that are submitted for funding. Who better to make decisions on what ideas and projects work best for a community than the community itself!

The NSG Program Coordinator at the Campbell River Community Foundation will be happy to help applicants submit or brainstorm an idea for an NSG project.

If someone is more comfortable with a paper copy than a digital application the Program Coordinator can help with that too.

Applicants will be mentored through all stages of the application and project.

The application process is very simple and accessible and is available in multiple languages and only takes about a half hour to complete.

The Program Coordinator is available to ensure that everyone can turn an idea into reality!

For more information about NSG or help to brainstorm or submit an idea for a grant please contact Gwen Hamling at (250) 201-3757 or at

Grant Applications are open now and the closing date is October 29, 2021. Applications can be submitted at