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10 questions with Santa and Mrs. Claus

Black Press Media staffers put together a line of questioning for the North Pole’s most famous couple.
Santa and Mrs. Claus take a well-deserved break after reading through all the Black Press Media papers in Greater Victoria to update the naught and nice list. (Christine van Reeuwyk/News Staff)

Black Press Media staffers put together a line of questioning for the North Pole’s most famous couple.

What’s your favourite place in the world?

Santa: Well of course it’s the North Pole.

Mrs. Claus: I love the North Pole too but I also love when we vacation to Christmas Island.

Who do you follow on social media?

Santa: I love Rudolph’s comedy hour, he just slays me.

Mrs. Claus: I like to follow Frosty the Snowman and of course Elsa from Frozen.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

Santa: Everyone’s surprised to learn my reindeer are all female.

Mrs. Claus: I think what people might be surprised to learn about me is that I don’t like snow cones.

What books are on your bedside table?

Santa: I have the 12 Days of Christmas, I like to go through them and give a little Christmas Cheer for each day.

Mrs. Claus: I had the Polar Express because that’s one of my favourites. Then someone suggested I read Santa’s Twin and I was shocked. It’s a good book.

What does your ideal Boxing Day look like?

Santa: Just resting and relaxing because I’ve had a very very busy night.

Mrs. Claus: I like to put my feet up and have a hot chocolate, maybe put some marshmallows in it.

Do you have marriage advice might for others?

Mrs. Claus: Always say I love you before you go to bed.

Santa: Ya, I don’t want to be a rebel without a Claus.

Beard or no beard?

Mrs. Claus: He wouldn’t be Santa without the beard.

Santa: I never used to like my beard, but it grew on me.

Will you share a favourite knock-knock joke or pun to share with our readers?

Santa: I love jokes. I got a real good deal on my sleigh this year. It was on the house!

Mrs. Claus: Knock, knock. Who’s there? Olive. Olive who? Olive the other reindeer …

Is there an appeals process for the naughty list?

Mrs. Claus: We do have a naughty list but it’s not very long.

Santa: When it’s a little ‘maybe, maybe not’ what I like to do is send kids batteries with a little sign that says “present not included.”

Do presents sometimes get lost? What happens then?

Santa: We have a lost and found on the North Pole and I just ask everyone to send another letter in. Every child deserves to get their heart’s content.

Mrs. Claus: We don’t want kids to not have a present.


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