Tom Sewid (above) has been promoting Aboriginal adventure tourism and a new series on CHEK (bottom left) on that topic uses Campbell River as its jumping off point for many adventures all over the North Island.

Veteran native guide puts The River on the map

Victoria-based producer says Campbell River was a natural jumping off spot for the shoot

The West Coast wildlife adventures of Campbell River First Nations guide Tom Sewid have made it to television.

And, this city figures prominently as the gateway to great whale watching excitement in the next instalment of his series Aboriginal Adventures.

The series has been airing on CHEK TV and the next show can be seen Monday, Oct. 1 at 9 p.m.

The show’s Victoria-based producer Chris Jaycox says Campbell River was a natural jumping off spot for the shoot because it is a whale watching base. Many of the framing scenes were shot along the city waterfront on First Nations land.

Sewid says Adventure Quest Tours took the film crew to the area of Chatham Point in Johnstone Strait where it filmed humpback whales. Scenes of orcas were shot off Sidney outside Victoria.

“I talked extensively about Campbell River, the gateway to the Orca realm of Johnstone Strait and the Great Bear Rainforest. My goal is to see Campbell River become the prime Vancouver Island destination for tourists seeking wildlife adventures. I want everyone to know that five minutes out of this city you’re in the wilderness,” Sewid says.

In this region Sewid is synonymous with Aboriginal tourism. “Over 30 years of proudly showing our People’s traditional territories has allowed me to lead a life that kept me upon the waters and out in my beloved bush. Throughout the years I have seen or learned of things that most are amazed to see or hear about.

“Aboriginal Adventures Canada now allows me to continue being an Indian guide, that I so enjoy. My clients often state that my tours are so thrilling due to my passion and desire for what I do. So be it. I just enjoy what I do and hopefully I get to bring (tourists) on a journey of new experiences and discovery within my world.”

Jaycox says planning is underway to produce three more Sewid-hosted shows focused on the Spirit Bear. “I really believe these shows are filling a gap in television programming,” the independent producer says.