Strathcona Park Lodge owner Myrna Boulding has added a second restaurant to the outdoor education centre.

Strathcona Park Lodge founder opens namesake restaurant

The Campbell River area’s newest restaurant is one of the few with a sunset view

The Campbell River area’s newest restaurant is one of the few with a sunset view.

Perched above Upper Campbell Lake, Myrna’s features local produce, a casual atmosphere, a Mediterranean-inspired menu and huge windows filled with the snowcapped peaks of Strathcona Provincial Park.

One of Strathcona Park Lodge’s two recently renovated restaurants, Myrna’s is a quiet table service enclave, inspired by the resort and outdoor education centre’s founder Myrna Boulding. The restaurant is a 40 km drive from Campbell River on Highway 28, the Gold River road. Find out more about Myrna and the Lodge at

“Since nutrition and health have been a lifelong interest for Myrna, it seemed fitting to name the restaurant after her,” says Christine Clarke, Strathcona’s co-executive director along with her husband Jamie Boulding, Myrna’s son. “Our executive chef has taken Myrna’s passion, added his own vision and then met with the local farmers to create a unique and delicious menu.”

“The menu encourages sharing,” says Jessie P. Dufour, the executive chef. “All the vegetables and salads are served on platters, so everyone can try. Think of it as the Mediterranean style of eating.”

For instance, appetizers, like the coho salmon prepared three ways and an Asian twist on an antipasti plate, are served for one person or to share.

Before coming to Strathcona, Dufour, an Inter-Provincial Red Seal Certified chef, worked in restaurants across Canada; he even cooked for the Prime Minister in Nunavut. At Strathcona Park Lodge he’s developed a relationship with local farmers and fishermen, sourcing produce, meat and fish as close to the Lodge as possible. Main courses include poached halibut, locally raised, free range chicken, broiled eggplant and, one that Chef Dufour is especially excited about, Strait of Georgia spot prawns. Equally important is the unique bar menu: B.C. and Vancouver Island wines and a diverse and eclectic collection of beers.

“Everything about the menu is focused on making a beautiful summer evening more complete,” says Chef Dufour.

That’s something Myrna Boulding strived for throughout the last 52 years. Strathcona was founded by Myrna and her late husband Jim Boulding in 1959. At the time the couple were teachers in Campbell River – Myrna taught home economics with a focus on food and nutrition – and ran the lodge in their spare time. Eventually they moved to the Lodge full time.

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