Get real-world know-how

What best leads to successes is delivering a dynamic training and mentoring program

Nothing succeeds like success. In creating new businesses, or growing existing businesses, what best leads to successes is delivering a dynamic training and mentoring program that has been proven to yield measurable results.

For entrepreneurs, and would-be entrepreneurs, “Build My Business Together” provides a comprehensive training program steeped in real world business know-how, delivered by successful businesspeople, and tailored very much to the ideas, dreams and hopes of Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

This program (run elsewhere in BC) has already graduated hundreds of participants and created dozens of exciting new businesses.

“Build My Business Together” is a three month program. Participants who are accepted into the newly-launched NEDC program attend workshops and receive quality, unlimited one-on-one mentoring focused on their business or ideas. Aside from standard business training modules, ranging from business planning and marketing, to budgeting and finance, every real-world aspect of business is thoroughly covered. Topics include rewards and risks, business idea strengths and weaknesses, Aboriginal cultural issues and opportunities, the business mindset, the pleasures (and pains) of entrepreneurship, and, most importantly, business survival and success skills. Virtual workshops and mentoring (via Skype) will also be delivered to any interested participant who cannot attend in person.

The Campbell River Information Workshop will be held May 14 at the Campbell River Community Centre. Two sessions will be held: 11 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. and 6 – 7:30 p.m. Contact Jay at or 1-250-619-3450.