Campbell River’s Coho Books goes big with small presses

Coho Books has partnered up with the Literary Press Group

What can a small, independently owned bookstore offer you that a big box store can’t?

A staff made entirely of booklovers, a warm and inviting experience, a chance to contribute to your local economy, and, now, a selection of books from some of Canada’s most underrated publishers.

Coho Books has partnered up with the Literary Press Group to offer Campbell River booklovers an extended inventory of books they won’t find anywhere else. “These small presses are creating books that are diverse and regionally unique. Their books are innovative, eclectic, and they don’t necessarily appeal to the masses. They hearken back to a time when literature was about trying out new ideas and sparking the imagination,” says Erika Anderson, manager of Coho Books.

Coho Books has created a “Think Independent” display that includes specific profiles of a handful of local publishers. “These publishers have one or two staff members. They make books because they have a passion for literature,” says Taryn Boyd, a representative of the Literary Press Group. “And because these books don’t sell thousands of copies, you’ll never see them at big box stores (who require a certain volume in order to offer them at a discount). These are artisanal books, if you will. They’re innovative and edgy for creative and curious readers.”

The featured books cover topics such as poetry, graphic novels, literary fiction, First Nations and local interest.

Stores like Coho Book rely on its loyal customer base. “A dollar spent at Coho has three times the impact on your community as dollars spent at national chains,” says Anderson. “When shopping locally, you simultaneously create jobs, fund more city services through property tax, invest in neighborhood improvement and protect the unique character of your local downtown community.”

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