Jocelyn Doll/Campbell River Mirror Lt.-Col. Keith Stewart, commanding officer of the Comox Cadet Flying Training Centre, joined Maj. Tad Nicol, the squadron’s commanding officer, Doug Slowski, a representative from the Air Cadet League of Canada BC Provincial Committee, and Tanja Sheilds, president of the Campbell River Youth Air Association, to review the cadets at the 30th annual ceremonial review on Wednesday evening.

363 Captain Brian Baker Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets celebrate their 30th Annual Ceremonial Review

The annual review is a time for the cadets to celebrate and demonstrate what they have learned over the past year.

This year, 363 Captain Brian Barker Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets celebrate another milestone as well – their 30th anniversary.

The reviewing party consisted of Keith Stewart, commanding officer of the Comox Cadet Flying Training Centre, Brody Gimson, squadron commander, Tad Nicol, squadron commanding officer, Doug Slowski, director at the Air Cadet League of Canada, BC Provincial Committee, and Tanja Shields, president of the Campbell River Air Youth Association.

During the ceremony the drill team, as well as the marksmanship team, demonstrated the skills and routines they have been working on this year.

Nicol said he is always amazed to see the cadets growth and improvement.

They start off with not enough confidence to look you in the eye then they are off to get their pilot wings or to military college, he said.

“Enjoy your time in cadets today, invite your friends to join, work hard and you will find it to be tremendously rewarding,” Stewart said. “The lessons you learn, friendships you build and the skills you develop will stay with you for life and they contribute to making an already good citizen a terrific one. You are among the leaders of tomorrow, your time spent in this program will help you equip yourself in that challenge.”

Some of the year end awards were presented at the ceremony and some cadets were promoted in rank.

Most proficient first year-Tyler Wakelin

Most proficient second year-Nathania Morin

Most proficient third year-Brianna Pollock

New Horizons Volunteer-Maru Napa

Most Proficient Junior NCO- William Beaupre

Commanding Officer’s Choice-Travis Saunders

Dress and Deportment-Callum Gimson

Most Improved Drill Team Member-Tyler Wakelin

Top Drill Team Member-Nathania Morin

Most Improved Shooter-Brandon Babcock

Top Shooter-Luke Shields

Hugh O’Donnell Citizenship Award-Luke Shields

Cadet of the year-Brody Gimson

Leadership Award-Harley McCory

Squadron Warrant Officer-Brody Gimson

Lord Strathcona Medal of Excellence-Harley McCoy

Royal Canadian Legion Cadet Medal of Excellence-Callum Gimson



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Jocelyn Doll/Campbell River Mirror The Air Cadets drill team demonstrated their synchronicity to the crowd at their annual ceremonical review.

Jocelyn Doll/Campbell River Mirror Members of the Air Cadets marksmanship team demonstrated what they do during the annual ceremonial review.