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‘Virgin’ sturgeon caught in Fraser River more than 11 feet long

‘Catches like this are extremely rare,’ according to folks at the Fraser River Lodge
Staff and clients from the Fraser River Lodge caught this white sturgeon on Saturday, July 17, 2021. (Fraser River Lodge)

The white sturgeon caught Saturday in the Fraser River was more than 11 feet in length, and had never been caught before, according to a fishing lodge rep in Agassiz.

“Our excellent team of guides managed to find a virgin (never before caught) 11’5” length and 56” girth white sturgeon in the Fraser River,” said Kate Wisse, media assistant at the Fraser River Lodge.

“Catches like this are extremely rare and are always exciting to be a part of.”

They were happy to showcase what they called “a momentous occasion” by sharing the photo of the mammoth sturgeon, which weighed more than 800 pounds.

The fish’s age is unknown but it could be more than 100 years old, she added.

“There was an hour-long battle with multiple obstacles, manoeuvring around the Agassiz bridge pillars, an island and there were trees popping up from the water and hitting the boat,” Wisse said.

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