Fisheries law

Gwa’sala-‘Nakwaxda’xw’s former elected chief Paddy Walkus speaks to the crowd. (Tyson Whitney - North Island Gazette)

North Island First Nations declare intent to take control fisheries in traditional waters

Former elected chief Paddy Walkus asserted the nations will now be instating their traditional laws


The Marine Patrol Program enforcement vessel, the M. Charles. (Photo submitted)

Court hands B.C. commercial fisherman its first lifetime ban in a decade

6 months jail time given Scott Steer, vessel forfeited in connection with Vancouver Harbour incident


Nootka Sound RCMP and DFO Conservation and Protection Officers seized this 30 foot vessel, fishing gear and equipment as well as Chinook salmon, salmon roe, rock fish and ling cod after an investigation on Sept. 11. A judge in Campbell River on February hit the owner and his accomplices with significant fines, a ban on holding fishing licences and loss of equpment, including the boat’s motor and trolling motor. RCMP photo

Washington State trio’s fisheries violations the worst veteran officer has seen in 20 years

Judge bans three men from fishing or holding a fishing licence anywhere in Canada



Island MP wants parliamentary inquiry into sudden prawn fishery changes

DFO has made the sale of frozen-at-sea spot prawns potentially illegal