Wrestlers hit the mats in season opener

Campbell River wrestlers just starting out with the sport prepare themselves for competition

Phoenix Middle School and Carihi Secondary School took a contingency of wrestlers to the Vancouver Island Novice Wrestling Tournament last weekend in Ducan.

All came away with valuable experience, and several athletes earned outstanding results.

About 150 athletes attended the Novice Tournament – the only tournament open to beginners and that provides a chance for the wrestlers to practice their skills before the competitive events begin.

From Phoenix, Grayson Lebeuf and Holten Ewing earned bronze; Ella Gallant, Carrie Mullett, Haley Wingert, Keely Elves and Hailey Richard walked away with silver and Bryn Girvin scored gold.

For Carihi, Dylan Sparling took the bronze, Rafael Ramonsinacio the silver and Josh Barr and Alex Santosohasai left it all on the mat and both came home with gold medals. At the end of the day, team results saw Phoenix girl’s finish second, Phoenix boys fourth, and Carihi boys fourth. The club’s top wrestlers will be travelling to Abbotsford this weekend for the first competition of the season.