Layne Anvel

Who will be crowned king of the hill?

Skier cross is coming to Mount Washington in the near future

Skier cross is coming to Mount Washington.

It is a race with humps and bumps and corners, where four skiers all race at the same time.

This very exciting event was originally under the freestyle umbrella but it later became part of the ski racing umbrella. Which makes a person wonder who will win, a freestyler or a racer.

Podium of Life Ski Academy co-owner Shane Harle says, “We have excellent skiers in our school, both racers and freestyle skiers. I do not know which style will come out ahead on this event. It may just depend on who gets the best start.”

This is a chance for skiers who are not in a competitive program to compete in this newest skiing contest.

Podium of Life Ski Academy has invited Mat Leduc, a national calibre skier cross racer, to help coach their students prior to the event.