When push comes to shove

Being an ambitious, competitive, and somewhat stubborn guy, I’ve always been a bit driven when it comes to achieving goals. Some might even say aggressive.

I like to be fair to others and I consider the consequences before I make most of my decisions, but once I’ve done some research and decided a goal is worth chasing, I get pretty focused.

So far it’s done me and my family well, but with anything in life, one hard and fast rule can’t apply in all situations.

Things are so much easier when it’s just me. Racing Moto-x and downhill (DH) mountain bikes was simple. I trained solo, made all decisions based strictly on what suited me, and when races were won or lost, there was just me left with the credit or the blame … simple.

On the other side of the coin, I played lacrosse for 30 years and had an entire team to depend on, and an entire team relying on me. It was the polar opposite to a solo sport and took a completely different approach and attitude.

These days, I’m not involved in competitive sports and focus my drive and competitiveness on making our business continually better, raising good kids, and trying to figure out how to find a balance between the two.

It takes many different approaches and at 52, I find on a regular basis that I still have lots to learn when it comes to relying on a team opposed to just pushing myself harder.

My daughter is nine now and I really want to get her up to Mount Washington to ride with me. To say she is hesitant would be a huge understatement.

I’ve tried pushing, begging, and bribing her. I’ve coaxed her friends into asking her and I even asked her favourite babysitter to take her up there, but all these failed miserably.

I was about to give up and put a big check in the loss column. Then I casually mentioned how nice it would be to have her on the chair lift with me, but maybe she could meet me for post ride nachos at the lodge.

“What? We don’t have to ride up the hill? And we get nachos after? Let’s go in a few weeks Dad.”

I guess I didn’t fill her in on the details and took for granted that she knew what I meant by park riding. Oops.

So, I’ve learned another lesson in parenting, and I’m super excited that I get to ride a lap or two with Rhyley.

Apparently being on a team is quite different from coaching one.

I’m James Durand and I’m Goin’ Ridin’